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Lady Starlight – Against The Clock

Techno in 10 minutes from one of Berlin’s rising stars. Lady Starlight’s journey has been anything but ordinary. Formerly a tour DJ for Lady Gaga, Starlight found herself meeting UK techno veteran Surgeon after a show in his hometown of Birmingham and the ... Read More »

June 07, 2017

Lil Yachty – Confessions

Lil Boat on working at McDonald’s, his most romantic moments and more. Life as Lil Yachty sounds pretty wild. When the breakout rapper isn’t crafting charismatic hip-hop tracks or cranking rap game old-man-yelling-at-cloud Joe Budden’s blood pressure in hilarious viral interviews, he’s having awkward encounters ... Read More »

May 24, 2017

Massappeals – Against The Clock

Inventive sampling from a rising grime producer.  Massappeals is the latest name in the instrumental grime scene to keep an eye on, catching the attention of reliable Glasgow via London label Astral Black with his dark, bass-heavy sound. Fresh from the release of his Royal Blud EP on ... Read More »

March 22, 2017

December 26, 2016

LTO – Against The Clock

A master of atmospheric sounds turns live instrumentation and field recordings into musical gold. LTO first emerged in 2011 as part of the Old Apparatus collective, debuting on Mala’s Deep Medi label with a dark sound that had more in ... Read More »

December 26, 2016

Father: Confessions

The Awful Records boss confesses all.  In FACT TV’s Confessions, we ask artists the questions that we really want to know for the answers where we really get to know them: their hidden talents, weirdest dreams, wildest experiences and the ... Read More »

November 20, 2016

Soul Clap – Singles Club

Soul Clap won’t stop dabbing. This week on Singles Club, we take Boston DJ and production duo Soul Clap to East London’s Vinyl Pimp to get their learned opinion on the stand-out tracks from the past month. From Solange and A$AP Rocky ... Read More »

November 13, 2016

Aybee – Against The Clock

Make Music is FACT’s new section devoted to making music anywhere, whether you’re a seasoned producer or a total novice, using an arsenal of analog gear or just your iPhone.  Oakland house veteran Aybee goes Against The Clock from his Berlin ... Read More »

November 10, 2016